Perry County Grange  

Meeting Location:

Millerstown Community Park Building
110 West Juniata Parkway
Millerstown, PA 17062


Introducing Grange


What is the Grange?  The Grange is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life through:

  • educational, social and legislative activities
  • promoting family life through family-oriented activities
  • advancing the cause of agriculture
  • developing rural leadership
  • acting as a spokesman in public affairs


The Grange provides each member with a legislative voice at the local, state and national level. Grange legislative policies begin at the local level where members express views on many issues. Members are part of a grassroots constituency enabling them to effectively express their views and influence legislative policy at the highest levels of government. The Grange is non-partisan, but it vigorously encourages member participation in the political process.  The American flag is displayed at all Grange meetings.


The fellowship, recreation and social activities in the Grange are developed with the family in mind - children and senior citizens alike are very welcome in the Grange. Grange activities are varied and include seminars, banquets, family outings and county fairs. The Grange is not a denominational religious organization, but its principals are based on belief in a Supreme Being and there is an open Bible at Grange meetings.


Today's Grange provides an opportunity to serve by providing leadership for local community service projects is what the Grange does best.  The Grange believes in leadership development, and reaches out to all people in an effort to respond to real needs.  It builds a better community by providing the services that people need to live better lives.  In working together, the Grange is able to provide assistance when the government can't and individuals alone aren't strong enough.  By working together the Grange builds community and people.



The Subordinate (community) Grange

This unit of the organization is built around the local community.  Men, women and youth are admitted on equal terms. Those who are 14 years of age are eligible for full membership. Each member has one vote on business matters. The local Grange elects its own officers and controls its own affairs in community matters.  Perry Valley Grange is a community Grange.  Click here to view our brochure/membership application Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Grange....But Were Too Shy to Ask


The Pomona Grange

Subordinate Granges within a given district are grouped together on a county or regional basis into Pomona Granges that meet monthly or quarterly.  The Pomona Grange provides the leadership for educational, legislative, and business interests of the Subordinate Granges in its jurisdiction.


The State Grange

The State Grange is a delegate body representing Subordinate and Pomona Granges. At their annual conventions, State Granges consider many important matters relating to legislation and public policy, with particular reference to matters of concern to rural America and the general welfare of the state as a whole.   The Pennsylvania State Grange headquarters is located at 20 Erford Road, Suite 216, Lemoye, PA  17043 (Phone: 717-737-9955 or 1-800-552-3865).


The National Grange

This is the parent branch of the Grange and as the supreme legislative body of the Order.  Delegates from each State Grange meet annually to consider and develop policies that guide the organization’s efforts. The National Grange headquarters building is located at 1616 H Street in Washington, DC. 2006 (Phone: 202-628-3507 or 1-888-4-GRANGE).