Perry County Grange  

Meeting Location:

Millerstown Community Park Building
110 West Juniata Parkway
Millerstown, PA 17062


Celebrating 100 Years of Service




Community Volunteer Challenge

Public invited to Participate;   Not Limited to Grange Members


Perry Valley Grange is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019 and is proud to have served its local community continuously for the past century.  Because the Grange values and encourages volunteerism, a special project for this anniversary will be the sponsorship of a program to both recognize individual volunteers and to provide financial support for local groups.

  • Individuals who give 100 or more hours of volunteer, unpaid service betwen 3/1/2019 and 2/29/2020 to non-profit civic, school (educational), religious, fraternal or veterans organization in the Millerstown-Liverpool-Newport communities will be recognized as  a Grange Centennial Volunteer.

  • Service may be given to any number of different organizations.   Verification of the service worked must be certified by an official of each organization to which service was provided.

  • Upon submission of the required documentation, the individual receiving the Grange Centennial Volunteer recognition may designated one organization to receive a $100 gift from Perry Valley Grange.

  • Grange Centennial Volunteers may qualify for no more than one cash award and the number of awards will be limited to the first 100 persons qualifying.

Click here for an application to participate in the Community Volunteer Challenge.


Welcome to the Grange


Perry Valley Grange is an all-volunteer family organization serving its local, state, national and world community continually since 1919. Originally a secret fraternity of farmers, today’s Grange is an organization open to all those with an interest in helping others through community involvement.

Please explore this website and learn more about all that the Grange has to offer.  You are also invited to read our colorful pamphlet Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Grange...But Were Too Shy to Ask. Come and visit us often...on this website and at any of our Grange activities.....


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